Please see below for the details of aircraft lending and loan processes.

Financing, Or Refinancing Your Aircraft

Aircraft Finance Corporation manages the financing process from financial review, underwriting, proposal, documentation, and closing. We make sure that when our clients close on their aircraft, they have confidence in knowing that they got the best deal out there.

There are a few different factors that will affect the terms of an aircraft loan whether you are purchasing a new aircraft, or refinancing. Listed on this page is the general information that we need to know before we move forward with a client’s application.

Factors that may afffect your loan terms:


  • Corporate / Private Borrower
  • Income, Net Worth, Contingent Liabilities
  • Previously Owned Aircraft


  • Year, Make, Model
  • Aircraft Total Time
  • Is the Aircraft on an Engine Maintenance Program?


  • Part 91 / Part 135 Operation
  • Annual Usage in Hours
  • Aircraft Domicile


An industry standard of 20% – 25% down payment is required. In some cases the down payment can be as low as 10%. The down payment may affect the interest rate, payment and amortization schedule.

A complete credit package is needed for Underwriting and includes:

PERSONAL INFORMATION (Applicant / Guarantor)

  • Application
  • Personal Financial Statement (no older than 6 months)
  • Verification of Liquid Assets (cash and marketable securities) in the form of Bank / Brokerage Statements
  • Last 2 Years’ Personal Tax Returns, including K1s
  • Copy of Driver’s License


  • Last 2 Years’ Corporate Tax Returns
  • Corporate Financials (Balance Sheet and P&L)

Additionally, to complete the file, we will need specific aircraft information:

  • Aircraft Spec Sheet
  • TTAF (Total Time on Airframe)
  • Serial Number
  • Tail Number
  • Monthly Payment ( for a refi, we need your current loan statement)
  • Loan Balance (for current aircraft loan)
  • Rate and Term
  • Is the aircraft being chartered or maintained by a professional facility? If so, who?
  • Is the aircraft currently FAA part 91/135?
  • Is the aircraft on an engine program? Is so, which program is it on?

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